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New Games - ANT SURF HERO: THE SURFENING & The Desolate Hope
News posted 25th April, 2012 by Hagar  
Firstly we have a small flash game created by the Daily Click’s resident admin Assault Andy called "ANT SURF HERO: THE SURFENING". Andy created this platforming game for the Ludum Dare #23 competition, and is a fun little game to play – well worth trying out!

Secondly we have a really fine example of an RPG game from Hill Gigas, called "The Desolate Hope", where you play as a computer game program inside a coffee robot – trying to save other robots from a virus.

I have just started playing this and although some may consider this a hefty download, the quality of the 3D modelling and the sheer size of the sprites, backdrops and animations is really astounding. I seriously hope this is made in MMF2, it really is awesomely done!

Comments from Hill Gigas "Coffee is the last mobile resident of the station, a small service robot who spends his days keeping the station and the Derelicts operational as they perform their daily tasks. Since CPU power is slim, Coffee has been cutting corners to find ways around the virus. By using small subsystems and less vital CPU's scattered through the station in lesser devices, Coffee has designed a line of digital helpers, each simply called a D-Co, or "Digital Counterpart", to assist him in fighting the virus and keeping the station operational."

Click here to download and comment on Hill Gigas’s The Desolate Hope

Click here to play and comment on Andy’s ANT SURF HERO: THE SURFENING

Posted by Ski 26th April, 2012

Wow, Ant Surf Hero is so indie.
Posted by alastair john jack 29th April, 2012



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