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A barrage of downloads!
News posted 10th May, 2012 by Hagar  
Well ladies and gentlemen, we have a small barrage of goodies that have been submitted to the Daily Click. Set your "download beards" to stun and get downloading:

Cute Explosions by Poobical. A very nicely presented "destroy everything within a time limit" type game. Very nicely done, and lots of fun.

Click here to play and comment on Cute Explosions

Arkanoid [remake] by radel999. Ever misplaced your beloved Arkanoid cartridge for your NES? radel999 has you covered with his remake of the classic

Click here to download and comment on Arkanoid [remake]

Video Games Trivia by Dam1an: Dam1an has produced what looks like a fun video games industry quiz for iOS based devices. Alas I do not own such a device and as of such cannot try it out. Hopefully one day it will be released for other mobile platforms.

Click here to purchase and comment on Video Games Trivia

SONIC: Dash Dimension [Remastered] by One Man Army Games. OMAG has produced a very nice example of using the mode 7 extension to great effect (or at least I believe itís mode 7).

Click here to download and comment on SONIC: Dash Dimension [Remastered]

BrakTriX by UrbanMonk. UrbanMonk has provided us with a rather nice bat and ball game, which can be played in your browser. Well worth checking out.

Click here to play and comment on BrakTriX

On a final note, Chris Burrows has submitted an nice example of how to implement arcade styled (think Xenon 2) high scores in your games. Nice one!

Click here to download and comment on Chrisís Tutorial

Posted by Cecilectomy 11th May, 2012

Good jorb averyone!
Posted by alastair john jack 12th May, 2012

thanks cecil


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