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Click Convention 2012 - Cancelled :(
News posted 12th May, 2012 by The Chris Street  
The nearly yearly (I'm a poet and I didn't know it!) Click Convention organisers have reluctantly decided to cancel this years event - mainly thanks to the chaos that the Olympic games would bring. Factors according to Simon on the Facebook page, such as "prices, travel, accommodation and pretty much everything you can think of" all add up to this unfortunate decision.

So - that leaves two things to look forward to. Planning has already begun for next years convention, and dates should be unveiled for 2013 by the end of May. Also in the planning stages are a series of ClickJams, to be held at various locations around the world (A ClickJam, in case you didn't know, is a meeting up of numerous klikkers, creating projects). ClickJam UK has been confirmed, and ClickJam Denmark is looking very likely too - but others are possible as well. Click here for more information!

Stupid Olympics.

Posted by Clubsoft 12th May, 2012

Damn, such a shame, I see the reasons though... be nice to see it back next year
Posted by twiterror 12th May, 2012

I guess click convention was removed by circy
Posted by Hayo 12th May, 2012

That's too bad, I really enjoyed last years convention
Posted by Eternal Man [EE] 12th May, 2012

I'd love a ClickJam Sweden!
Posted by Chris Burrows 13th May, 2012

Any Klikers livin' in Tasmania?
Posted by Hagar 14th May, 2012

Another reason to hate the olympics!
Posted by Matt Boothman 25th May, 2012

I just guess London couldn't cope with two such prestigious events. Very gracious of Clickteam to allow the Olympics to go ahead unhindered, I think.
Posted by The Chris Street 30th May, 2012

I don't think Clickteam had anything to do with it. Just a guess, mind!


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