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New Poll – What Clickteam tools do you own?
News posted 15th May, 2012 by Hagar  
Well ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for a new poll. Before we introduce the new poll, lets recap on the our previous general Poll “What is your opinion of Minecraft?”. More than 33% of voters voted that they “loved it”, and approximately two thirds of voters voted that is was “OK” or better and quite surprisingly almost 30% of participants have yet to try Minecraft.

After copious amounts of "air beard scratching", we have decided that the new poll is "What Clickteam tools do you have installed?"

Let’s hear what TDC residents have installed (I believe all possible combinations are covered!)

Posted by alastair john jack 16th May, 2012

I use the MMF3 alpha
Posted by The Chris Street 16th May, 2012

I just have MMF2 installed at this time but do own Klik and Play, TGF, MMF1.2, MMF1.5 and Install Creator (which isn't in the poll!)
Posted by Chris Burrows 16th May, 2012

I agree, the poll should list singular products and we should be select more than 1 option. There are so many combinations unavailable.
Posted by Hayo 16th May, 2012

That would probably require a recode of TDC.
Posted by Jenswa 16th May, 2012

Use checkboxes instead of radio buttons?
Posted by Zephni 16th May, 2012

Not as easy as that, it would mean changing the poll code for just this one poll. Though if there were more in the future it may be worth adding a dropdown in the admin section for "Checkbox's" or "Radio Buttons"
Posted by Fanotherpg 16th May, 2012

All in more or less legal manner (KnP for Schools unfortunately).
Posted by Hagar 16th May, 2012

The poll does include all possible combinations for having those 4 products installed . I did consider TGF2 (and other non game creation tools), but with 31 (or more) combinations the poll would be a bit unwieldy I think...

But you are correct on one thing gents, a tick box system for such polls would be much nicer Image.

Something to consider in the future Sir Clubsoft?
Comment edited by ..::hagar::.. on 5/16/2012
Posted by Chris Burrows 17th May, 2012

I meant as in Jamagic, instal maker, the exporters, etc. Great idea for a poll though!
Posted by The Chris Street 17th May, 2012

Hah yes, the poll would be of epic proportions I think you're right though, a multiple choice poll maybe should be coded into the new TDC
Posted by twiterror 17th May, 2012

Posted by Chris Burrows 19th May, 2012

What about a Tetris poll.... actually more just Tetris really... But! each TDC user only gets one shot! and the winner gets their user name forever displayed in flashing rainbow text?....
Posted by Stephen [NeonairGames] 20th May, 2012

I code mainly in other languages now, but I still do prototyping and spriting with MMF2.
Posted by Silveraura 20th May, 2012

I own TGF Pro, MMF 1.5 and MMF2 but I don't use them much anymore since I started using C#. So now my tools usually consist of Unity 3D, Visual Studio, Photoshop, and 3ds Max.
Posted by Hagar 23rd May, 2012

Does anyone still use Jamagic
Posted by Muz 25th May, 2012

Haven't touched MMF since I changed laptops now that I think of it.
Posted by Jenswa 26th May, 2012

Just change the poll in something like: what's your favorite click product, or which click product do you use most, spent the most time with? No need for check boxes in that case.

Anyways, most of my programming is nowadays in javascript with html5. Because of it's fast development cycle and platform independent. Although most smartphones are too slow for it and should have native ports.


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