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New Game - Boostman In Space
News posted 19th May, 2012 by The Chris Street  
So we have a intriguing, if slightly scruffy space shooter arcade game by the name of Boostman In Space - submitted to TDC by Jamesh. The game is about collecting as much food as possible within a minute. How well can you do?

Comments from the Author:
"You control BOOSTMAN, extraordinary feline superhero, as he visits OUTER SPACE on his lunch break. BOOSTMAN is feeling hungry, so it up to YOU to help him to collect as many articles of food as he can! The more food you collect, the more likely you are to proceed to the next level of BOOST. The higher the level of BOOST, the more points you collect! However, the clock ever ticks down... "

Click here to download the game and view its comments

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