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A possible new gaming input device Ringbow!
News posted 8th July, 2012 by Hagar  
I have just found about a rather cool gaming input device that is being developed called Ringbow. TDC resident Hayo is working on games for it. The idea is for the device to be used in conjunction with a touch screen, with the Ringbow device providing the functionality of a mouse and joypad to your hands.

Click here to visit the Ringbow website.

Currently they are seeking support on kickstarter to make this device a reality. Go check out the project and if you like it, I would encourage you to support it via kickstarter.

Posted by Deaval 9th July, 2012

The Green Lantern has one just like it.
Posted by Yikes 10th July, 2012

Cool device. I've actually been wanting something like this, so you can make shooters etc. for touchscreens. Moving and shooting on touch games now is either too hard or impossible. I was gonna contribute a few dollars, but then I realized that you needed an amazon account. Seeing as I've used a few days getting my paypal reworking, I didn't want to go through that again
Posted by twiterror 23rd July, 2012

If this new joystick doesn't become a hit, I'll assume circy removed it.


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