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MMF2 HTML 5 beta testing!
News posted 14th July, 2012 by Hagar  
Francois of Clickteam has recently asked for people to register their interest in beta testing the MMF2 HTML 5 exporter.

This would allow for games to be run in browsers, and on more recent mobile devices without the requirement of any additional software like Flash.

If you want to be a part of the testing process and get early access to this gem, be sure to let Francois know here.

Posted by Hayo 14th July, 2012

Posted by monkeytherat 14th July, 2012

I signed up, can't wait to put this thing to the test
Posted by Codemonster 14th July, 2012

Lmao. Bye Bye scirra
Posted by alastair john jack 16th July, 2012

Codemonster the good thing about Construct 2 isn't the HTML5 aspect, it's that its a better game editor (the event editor in particular is significantly more efficient to work with in comparison to MMF2's dated system).
Posted by Jenswa 16th July, 2012

Hey html5 exporter, perhaps it's time to leave all that html5 stuff up to mmf again.
Posted by UrbanMonk 17th July, 2012

Better game editor. right.
It's horrible I tried it a couple of times hoping for improvement.

Hopefully the MMF exporter has a more efficient runtime too. That would drive the final nail. Also the nice thing about Contruct is how it introduces users to the Clickteam way of doing things, that way it'll be an easy transition for them when they're ready to upgrade.
Posted by Codemonster 17th July, 2012

The only valid arguments supporting Construct2 are:

Object handling is better. ForEach is built in

Tree logic within the events built in.
Posted by alastair john jack 18th July, 2012

I've been going back and forth between Clickteam's and Scirra's programs consistently over the last 4 years (I've used both thoroughly), and here's a list of some of the things I like about Construct 2 in comparision to MMF2:

- Subevents, biggest and best thing that makes eventing 1000% more effecient/enjoyable to work with.
- Local variables (like global variables but specific to a group or subevents)
- Better event formatting, easier to read code
- User defined variables. No A-Z variables, you can have as many or as little as you want. Don't have to have lives/score in every game.
- More functionality built in, you don't need to download dozens of extensions that usually only work with 1 or 2 runtimes.
- Less quirks/weirdbugs
- A foreach "ordered" condition (more flexible)
- Better object picking system
- Better behaviors/movements and handling of them (don't have to go through some other extension like PMO, you handle it directly on the sprite/active)
- Families/Qaulifiers have their own variables and behaviours that are automatically given to each member of the family.
- Event sheets can be linked to other event sheets (better and more flexible than global events)
- Better image animation handling
- Better alpha support (don't have to edit 2 seperate images)
- Can choose compression for each image (PNG 32/8, jpg)
- Named and unlimited amount of hotspot/action points for each image.
- Images have collision polygons (so you don't have to hidden collision masks if you don't want), that allows for greater control of where you want collision to occur.
- More built-in scaling options (basically like the 'ultimate fullscreen object' but that only works on 1 or 2 runtimes).
- Timedelta and timescaling, not a fixed framerate (and will run consistently across different framerates)
- More layer options, such as setting layer angle
- More features and bugfixes are added every week or two, you don't have to wait 10 years for MMF3 before more functionality gets added.

What I like better about MMF2:
- Doesn't use HTML5 as the core runtime.
- Can run on more platforms at better performance (but with less functionality since the majority of the extensions only work on the PC runtimes).
Posted by Muz 18th July, 2012

Agreed, the reason I *don't* use Construct 2 is because of HTML5. Would rather use Classic IMO. Also, MMF has a better image editor, IIRC.

If I wanted to code in HTML5, I would. It's just HTML5 after all.

Clickteam needs to get back to the core reason why people use it - to be easier than programming languages. As it is, it's literally easier to code in proper code than MMF2. Anyone who hasn't switched by now (to either Construct or a programming language) is just too lazy to spend a week relearning things
Posted by Ski 18th July, 2012

Why the fuck has this turned into another construct vs mmf2 debate?
Posted by UrbanMonk 18th July, 2012

Why not?

Why not compare two similar products and potentially discover things we didn't know?

Some of those pluses you mentioned don't affect me since I don't use the built-in image editor.

Local variables would be a plus for sure, as well as unlimited variables for each object.

The image compression thing is available in a similar fashion with the iOS exporter where it's more important.

I don't use action points, and the hotspot is for image positioning and rotation all other uses can be done manually.

All the other points seem to be game engine specific which are nice features. I didn't read them all since I've got to go.

Clickteam should take a look at some of these features and add them in MMF 3. Hopefully.
Posted by Ski 19th July, 2012

Because the news post has nothing to do with construct.
Posted by Cecilectomy 19th July, 2012

It has to do with html5, which is the primary function of construct 2. It's not absurd that it would come up. chill out Adam.
Posted by Hagar 19th July, 2012

Mind the language gents...
Posted by Klayman 19th July, 2012

As someone who has used MMF2 for years and recently became a Construct (Classic & 2) convert I agree with everything alastair mentioned. I tried going back to MMF2 for a new project but after using the Scirra products I just couldn't do it. MMF2 has too many outdated relics left over from previous versions -- too much reliance on extensions that aren't compatible with exporters -- and so many limitations in regards to "families", variables and global events. And on top of all that the Scirra products are cheaper/free. I appreciate MMF2, as it's what I learned game design on. I'll always have fond memories of it. But, I will not be looking back until the release of MMF3.
Posted by Jenswa 19th July, 2012

Lovely debate.

Why not do everything in html5 and free yourselves from MMF or construct? Get rid of all the editors which are horrible, or just use them if you think they are fantastic.

Ah choice, isn't it wonderful?



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