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News posted 5th August, 2012 by Hagar  
Well ladies and gentlemen, as per the title there is one week remaining until the deadline. All entries must be submitted by the 12 th of August, midnight GMT. Ideally this should submitted to the site as a download with a notification pm sent to Hagar, but you can just send Hagar the download link(s) of your game if you feel inclined to do so. The source MFA should also ideally be available as well (via pm).

I hope everyone is on the home strait and is polishing their games. The judges cannot wait to play er “judge” the entries. Best of luck everyone!

Posted by monkeytherat 6th August, 2012

I can't wait About how long will the judging period (deadline for submissions until the results are announced) be?
Posted by Hagar 6th August, 2012

Not sure how long it will take to judge - we have three entries now - yours being the first

Posted by s-m-r 6th August, 2012

I'm stoked to see all the entries...! Looking forward to being a judge for this one.
Posted by UrbanMonk 7th August, 2012

Can we submit a game without the source? I'm working on something, but I'd like to keep the source private. Would a screencap of the frame editor work?
Posted by Jenswa 7th August, 2012

Hmmm my graphics artist and programmer seems to have left all of a sudden ...

Edit: heave became have like it should
Comment edited by Jenswa on 8/7/2012
Posted by Akai_R 8th August, 2012

So what did you do on the project jenswa?
Posted by Jenswa 8th August, 2012

Well someone needs to be creative ...

ps: did I mention that that other guy also did the music and sounds?
Posted by Hagar 8th August, 2012

Go for it urbanmonk - providing source is preferable (can be done in private via PM) but we will only look at source/ask how things are done if something really takes the mickey on the rules.
Comment edited by ..::hagar::.. on 8/8/2012
Posted by UrbanMonk 9th August, 2012

Ha wow, nevermind, I forgot about the rules...
It wasn't for the competition originally anyhow so no biggy.
Posted by Hagar 9th August, 2012

@Jenswa : I like your style, man!
Posted by SolarB 12th August, 2012

Game submitted! Four hours to go and it's 6am Melbourne time, time to go to sleep


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