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Yet more games - McElroy 'N' Finn, HEROE of the Summer and Summer Fun
News posted 12th August, 2012 by Hagar  
Well there are yet more great games that have been submitted for the funtition competition, and old man Hagar suggests you set your download beards to stun, and get downloading!

First up is McElroy 'N' Finn by Deaval – a classically styled platformer where you play as a hobo hating cat, McElroy. This must also be one of the few games where you can beat up a panda (who is wearing a leather jacket) by throwing a bird at him. This game is fun to play.

Click here to download and comment on McElroy 'N' Finn

Second up is HEROE of the Summer created by zonacas. You play as a character trying to rescue a girl that gets swallowed by the ground. I am sure there is a genre that describes this type of game, but alas at the moment the phrase “flying platformer” will have to do! The character can fly, shoot lasers and drop tnt, with all of these skills being required to complete the level. You must rescue all the swimmers at the end of the level before attempting to rescue the girl. Has a very amiga feel and hence is good stuff!

Click here to download and comment on Heroe of the Summer

Third up is a game by long time TDC resident AndyUK called Summer Fun. This is a retro styled platformer that reminds me of games like Alex Kidd on the Sega Master System, but with NES styled dithered graphics. Welll worth an investigation!

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Posted by Deaval 12th August, 2012

Thanks for the frontpage there, Hagar.

The other games sure plays great, I must say.

May the best kliker win. ^^
Posted by monkeytherat 12th August, 2012

Looking over the entries, I'm realizing this will be a really tough compo!!! Good luck to all


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