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New games - Burning Suns, Alastal TLBFTGOS , Swedish Summer and Clyde's Vacation
News posted 15th August, 2012 by Hagar  
While judging games and scratching my pseudo beard, it struck my mind that there are funtition entries that did not get a proper front page mention due to the competition being closed. I think a final funtition front page news post is in order giving a nod to these, until judging is completed and the results being published.

Have fun playing all the games on offer.

Burning Suns by SolarB
This plays like a multi dimension defender, and it has some neat wireframe animations.

Download Burning Suns and comment here

Alastal TLBFTGOS by Draq
An adventure RPG platformer with some very nicely done sprite art

Download and comment on TLBFTGOS here

Swedish Summer by Akai_R
This seems to be more of pun at political correctness in Sweden – or I hope it is! Not being versed in Swedish culture leaves my old brain a little confused…

Download and comment on Swedish Summer here

Clyde's Vacation by Chrilley
This features a gnarly pink dinosaur with a parchant for buiding space craft out of tinfoil, and annoying a race of bunnies by providing them with sub par pizzas...

Download Clydes Vacattion and comment here

Posted by Akai_R 17th August, 2012

Yes, I can imagine my game beeing a little confusing
Thanks for playing and featuring it!


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