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New Game - Tribal Wars Grau Campaign
News posted 3rd September, 2012 by The Chris Street  
A somewhat intriguing game is upon us. Called Tribal Wars Grau Campaign, this is a small real time strategy game with a Medieval setting. Duckimation has created something with a lot of promise and is worth a look.

Comments from the Author:
"Tribal Wars is a Medieval style rts where you command the Grau tribe to victory. It all starts out when a simple colonization project turns into a battle ground. In this small campaign, you must take revenge on the dreaded Grun tribe and force them into submission. Fortify your base and prepare for war! "

Click here to play the game and view its comments

Posted by Duckimation 4th September, 2012

Thanks for the mention. I've been working on this game for years now, I hope some people might find it not too hard! Anyway, comments much appreciated. Go Duckimation!


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