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MMF2 Effects Pack 3 Released
News posted 13th September, 2012 by The Chris Street  
The ever talented Clement Willay has released his third pack of stunning special effects created in MMF2 - which are also compatible with the iOS Runtime.

This time, the general theme is based on cartoon effects, and features:

Bubble Cartoon, Cartoon Explosion, Cartoon Torch Light, Falling Leaf Effect, God Of Rays, Grass Movement Effect, Magic Cartoon Explosion, Magic Light Effect, Meteor Cartoon, Snow Cartoon Effect

The video demonstrates the Grass Movement Effect, and each effect can be purchased individually too if you so prefer.

Click here to visit the website and purchase the effects, or
Click here to visit Clement's YouTube channel to see the effects in action, as well as older effects!

Posted by hapsi 13th September, 2012

Great effects. The explosion effect from this guy is my favorite. I like the grass effect too but it's too easy to create, that i wouldn't purchase it.
Posted by twiterror 14th September, 2012

Nice rotation based on a base sin wave, added mouse x speed divided by power 3 of distance.. the only thing that bugs me is the way they change colors... it's like it has z ordering issues, or maybe there's a color specific for every grass angle image... I don't know.
Posted by Rhys D 16th September, 2012

I thought that looked weird as well but I think he's just adding more grass objects to the scene.


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