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The TDC Archive #5 : Gunner 2
News posted 8th October, 2012 by The Chris Street  
Episode #5 of The TDC Archive is now up, featuring an old, flawed yet somehow fun game.

Gunner 2 is that game, created by KNPMASTER, and although it looks very rough round the edges now (look at the graphical differences between it and Gunner 3 for instance) it's worth showcasing as it set the template for Gunner 3's brilliance.

If you have any games you'd like me to consider for this, let me know! If you have copies of said games, let me know where I can get them from too ;)

Which game will feature next time? Only one way to find out...

Posted by KNPMASTER 8th October, 2012

simply amazing
Posted by columbo borgi :C 8th October, 2012

it is! nice one!
Posted by Falco-N 9th October, 2012

I'm loving these!
Posted by Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) 9th October, 2012

Another great episode. For those who wish to know, the music from level 6, the one Circy noted was recognizable from Gunner 3, is the music for the final boss in the SNES game "Mystic Quest Legend". A decent if generic RPG with a turn-based battle engine.
Posted by nim 9th October, 2012

Another great video. I never played Gunner 2 but played the hell out of Gunner 3. I hope that's still being considered for a future video!

Also, do Nastyman 2!
Posted by s-m-r 10th October, 2012

So happy to see the Gunner series as part of the Archive.

You've done some excellent work once again, Chris!
Posted by The Chris Street 12th October, 2012


The next episode won't be for over a week though.


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