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News posted 25th November, 2012 by Knudde (Shab)  
Today, we have a mind bending platformer from little known Ben Coffman has been added to the site in the form of Vertigo. Vertigo in a mere 20 seconds conveys everything about the gameplay contained within; no tutorial, just letting the player discover the rules. It's rare to see a game with so much simple thought and clever design that everything happens naturally. Definitely give it a try!

Click here to Download Vertigo!

But that's not all that we have today. From Mr. Don Luciano we have Gun Smoke a zombie filled, last man standing game that was a recent entry in the 5 Event Challenge.

Click here to Download Gun smoke!

And to close things out, we have a classic program to add to the site. It's a very simple, but very interesting version of Conway's Game of Life. This one is brought to our enthusiastic relative newcomer Duckimation.

Click here to Download Conway's Game of Life!

Posted by Duckimation 25th November, 2012

Thanks for mentioning this. I just had a lot of time on my hands to complete some unfinished projects. More on the way!


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