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Game: Equin- The Lantern
News posted 1st December, 2012 by Rikus  
Grabbed a hot cup of tea and peaked outside the window, it is snowing outside on December 1st! Can you believe it! Turned up the heat a little and I decided to play a bit of Equin- The Lantern created by the always awesome Del Duio! This turned out to be a great little RPG type of game were you collect treasures and fight monsters.

I took a small video of the game for you so you can see what this game is all about! Happy December everyone!

Click here to download the free demo

Posted by Rikus 1st December, 2012

Phew had not put a video together in like forever took a while to remember where all my stuff was
Posted by -Liam- 1st December, 2012

No snow in the UK... As per usual. But you live in Canada, right? Doesn't it snow for half the year there?
Posted by UrbanMonk 1st December, 2012

No snow here in Southern US either.
Heck it's hot outside.


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