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Holiday Video Treat
News posted 6th December, 2012 by Knudde (Shab)  

Today, I bring you tidings of cheer in the form of a video series all about Ikiki's games. For those uninitiated, Ikiki is probably one of the most prolific TGF/MMF developers; he's also a relative unknown among the english speaking click community. He is responsible for some click classics, such as Nikujen and Teppoman. It's fascinating to watch time progress through the video series, and see how this developer builds on previous works. I highly recommend watching this series all the way through.

Sadly, Ikiki's site seems to have disappeared from the internet, leaving most of these game unavailable, though the classics can be found a few places around the web.

Posted by Duncan 7th December, 2012

Ikiki's stuff is jaw-dropping, he's a real hero of mine.


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