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New Game: Sole Gunner
News posted 7th December, 2012 by Rikus  
I am sorry but if you are standing up but you better sit down because SOLE GUNNER has been released!!!!... Poobical released his latest game to the gaming public and it is AMAZING! Lots of people have been awaiting this one and it does not disappoint!

With great graphics and awesome gameplay this is a must have game! Press the link below to download the game and receive a limited TDC Donut!!!

Click here to download this game

Ps. Sorry ran out of donuts already but the game is still there!

Posted by Rikus 7th December, 2012

Great Job Poobical!!
Posted by AndyUK 7th December, 2012

Thats the actual link for those wondering why this links to the project page and not the downloads section.

When you start the game in newgrounds you do get an option to download a stand alone version btw!
Posted by Rikus 8th December, 2012

I can do you one better:

Posted by AndyUK 8th December, 2012

I see. You wrote that news post before accepting the download. lol.


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