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New Application - Melodics
News posted 9th December, 2012 by The Chris Street  
Duckimation has been busy with a couple of TDC submissions recently. This one - Melodics - is a music composition program, that should aid the creativity in all of us. Take a look, see what you think :)

Comments from the Author:
"Finally, a simple, easy to use no nonsense musical composition program! With instruments totally customizable! Yeah okay, maybe not so simple, or that advanced, but it works. "

Click here to play the game and view its comments

Posted by columbo borgi :C 11th December, 2012

pics broken, at least for me
Posted by Duckimation 12th December, 2012

Yeah I don't know what's wrong with the picture, they work on the download screen.
It took me forever to finish this, so appreciative for the homepage recognition. Thanks guys!


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