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New puzzle games - "Play Triple" & "Mine Zone"
News posted 14th December, 2012 by Hagar  
TDC's very own NastyMan has been hard at work to produce two cracking browser based puzzlers. Remember the electronic hand held puzzle game Lights Out? NastyMan has created a flash game based on this called Play Triple, but with a twist - each tile has multiple states. He has also put a unique spin on another classic minesweeper called Mine Zone, again with some twists mainly in terms of map feedback. Well worth checking out !

Click here to play and comment on Play Triple

Click here to play and comment on Mine Zone

Posted by s-m-r 16th December, 2012

Any luck with making money on all these flash apps you've been posting, Nastyman? I'm curious to know your take on the online game market.

EDIT: oh, and I am a BIG fan of your online game Micro Drive.
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