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New Games Guys! Part 1
News posted 16th January, 2013 by Knudde (Shab)  
First off, Happy New Year for those of you on roman calendars, and have I got a rather long post to share with you today. First off, our resident Admin Circy (who has been doing a fantastic job of updating the site, I might add) has unleashed upon us Christmas Island 2, a curious grid based platformer.

Not content with only that, well that's fantastic because the community has stood up and given even more for you to play in the form of HACK, a quick little arcade game with two barbarians slaughtering each other, it's a fun little prototype that could warrent further development. It's bloody and it's fun, so you've been warned.

I'll be updating again later this afternoon for Part two so stick around!

Posted by Codemonster 16th January, 2013

Dont forget to write author names
Posted by alastair john jack 24th January, 2013

There's only 1 person who makes games in that style!
Posted by Jake G 24th January, 2013

Posted by Codemonster 24th January, 2013


First off, Ive been around long enough to know that's not true.

Secondly, its generally in best interest of a reporter of any subject to name those involved with their articles. This especially applies to products.

Third -- TDC almost never fails to report those details.

Fourth... Not everyone that visits know the developers.

Fifth -- no credit to the author? Isn't this a community site?

Looks like you were either being an ass just for the sake of it, or do you not know these things. Which one would that be?
Posted by alastair john jack 24th January, 2013

This site is fairly dead to new people, and 99% of people on it know who Circy is (Christ Street) and his graphical style.
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 24th January, 2013

Sixth - You sir are the one acting like an ass.

Alastair was referring to Circy's unique graphical style for the picture. I don't know what caused you to stand up on your high horse; but you come off as a know it all and are acting like a child, attacking someone for making such a simple comment.

I apologize for not updating further, I suddenly got rather busy at work (real estate, you never know when it's going to be busy). That next update is coming, just not today, I'm heading out the door to go to my daughter's school function.

Codemonster - please stop and reread the exchange here, I'm sure you will see that you come off terribly in this exchange.
Posted by The Chris Street 24th January, 2013

Was Codemonster talking about the person behind HACK, rather than me?
Posted by AndyUK 26th January, 2013

I think the point we're all missing is IT'S SHAB!

Hey man!
Posted by Codemonster 31st January, 2013

Knudde, I think maybe you should read a little further up from my comment. Please refer to the initial comment, which was constructive, and in no way negative.

Then look at the smart ass remark made by alastair immediately following (notice the "correction", wink, thumbs up and wave good bye).

I'll completely admit that my reply came off as "high" -- but in actuality it was simply a higher response to a smart ass high remark pointed at my original comment.

On a side note -- the only two here that understood my point was Circy and AndyUK -- yes, I was speaking of HACK.

I don't run around trolling web sites... But with that being said I have no problem putting a troll in his place if he chooses to put me in his crosshair.

I've been around the community for about 15 years now, and I post once in a blue moon. I think that the entirety of this "argument" is due to the sensitivity in that I had the *nerve* to post a kind hearted criticism for an article. This sort of thing has been ramping up, and pushing people away.

I sincerely hope that you can see where I'm coming from -- because my reply to an insult was not intended for you Knudde. You're a good writer and I take nothing away from you. I can understand that as the author of this post you feel obliged to defend Alastair -- but please take a second look at where the true instigation and "high horsing" originated from.
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 1st February, 2013

Perspective - It looked like you were jumping all over alistair for nothing other than saying there's only one person who makes games in that style, which I meant to take he knew that the picture was a circy game before even reading anything.

You criticism of my post didn't even factor into, in fact, until you just now pointed it out, I though you were unloading a rant on alastair for nothing other than that single comment. Looking back now, I see they're two separate thoughts. My error on that part.
Posted by Codemonster 4th February, 2013

Fair enough Knudde -- I can appreciate that perspective. I think this whole thing was blown out of proportion.

In either case thank you for posting -- I do enjoy my TDC updates =


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