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New Download: Wings of Vi Alpha
News posted 7th February, 2013 by Knudde (Shab)  
And Hello Again! Friend neighborhood admin here, with yet ANOTHER download. At this point in time it's Solgryn who has provided us with an alpha look at Wings of Vi. I'll let him explain.

Comments from the Author:

Wings of Vi is a challenging platform game in which you control the angel Vi. One day Vi and her friend, Rubi go to the ceaseless prison in heaven, where a powerful evil being is held in custody. Their visit leads to the chains being broken and the evil is set free to reak havoc upon the world.

Inspired by games such as I Wanna Be The Guy, Cave Story, Megaman and Castlevania, Wings of Vi is an interesting mix between challenge, story and with room for both exploring and tricky platforming.

Click here to download this game!

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