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New Game - Rodent Rush
News posted 11th February, 2013 by Hagar  
Old man Hagar reporting for duty! Well folks, you better set your iOS devices beard setting to purchase and download to try out UrbanMonks latest iOS game Rodent Rush. It looks to be a very highly polished grid based puzzler. Plus it features a antoginist which is a scientist with crazy hair, which can only be a good thing! Would love to see this released on other platforms mind (android or PC) such that I could play it.

Comments from UrbanMonk:
Poor little Mus the mouse has been abducted by a scientist madman! Help the little furball through mazes packed with dangerous lava pits, monstrous beetles, locked passages, magical potions, conveyor belts, and more on his brave quest for cheese and freedom!

Click here to purchase and comment on Rodent Rush by UrbanMonk

Posted by UrbanMonk 11th February, 2013

Hey thanks for the mention hagar!

I should also mention that all the graphics were made by Clayton Belcher and the music was by Johan Hargne.
Posted by Clubsoft 11th February, 2013

Looks beautifully put together, though I have to agree, android or PC would be nice too!
Posted by UrbanMonk 12th February, 2013

Eventually I'll have a Flash demo of the game, but I'm working on other projects right now.


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