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Comeptition time - Zodiac Attack!
News posted 6th April, 2013 by Hagar  
SMR has cooked up another competition, around the theme of the Greek Zodiac.

The rules are fairly simple:

1) State up front what your Zodiac inspiration for the game happens to be in the following thread.

2) Make a video game that is inspired in some way by the classic Greek Zodiac. Any kind of game, any length, any genre or style is welcome.

3) The deadline for all submissions is 12:00 GMT, 31st May 2013.

4) All games must include this most bodacious logo in a beginning splash screen (download here). Kudos to OMC for making the snazzy logo! The best game entered will recieve a CD containing all the entries, and a zodiac themed prize.

For further discussion, please discuss the competition here. Kudos to SMR for organising this, and I hope to see some great games made!

Posted by s-m-r 6th April, 2013

Thanks for the front-page love, hagar.
Posted by Eight Bit Battle Cat 7th April, 2013

I love the idea of this competition. Unfortunately I won't be able to participate because of real life and such.
Posted by s-m-r 10th April, 2013

UPDATE: Clickteam has offered a prize for the winner: an exporter of your choice, or an upgrade from MMF2 Standard to MMF2 Developer!

...So if my original offer of prizes didn't tickle your fancy, then perhaps this will.
Posted by LordHannu 10th April, 2013

I like the idea.
Ill see what i can do =


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