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New Game : Mayhem Triple
News posted 10th April, 2013 by Knudde (Shab)  

The enigmatic, long time member, Dustin Gunn has just unleashed his newest game onto TDC in the form of Mayhem Triple and damn, does it look good. REALLY GOOD. I'm sure it's been written off as vaporware by numerous people (myself included) but here it is. Go play it!

Click here to download this game!

Posted by Dialga-Brite 17th April, 2013

just by looking at the achievements, this game contains mature content, there REALLY ought to be a warning.
Posted by s-m-r 18th April, 2013

...So you're saying that dick jokes are reprehensible, but graphic violence doesn't already warrant a mature rating?
Posted by Dialga-Brite 18th April, 2013

well there was no warning for any of it. even if you pointed out that its violent, you didn't make it clear HOW violent and it still doesn't count as a warning. this game really needs a warning for ALL its mature content. I'm sure plenty of little kids come to this site looking for innocent games to play.
Comment edited by Dialga-Brite on 4/18/2013
Posted by s-m-r 18th April, 2013

...But it took you until you looked at the Achievements list to notice that? The trailer of the game is full of violence. Did you skip that and just go to download the game?
Posted by Dialga-Brite 18th April, 2013

Yes, I did. And I'm sure there's a strong chance some kids will too. I really think the game is way too easily accessible.
Posted by s-m-r 19th April, 2013

Well, the ball's not in my court on this one.
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 21st April, 2013

Looks like an old Apogee game.
Posted by Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) 22nd April, 2013

Dialga, it's not up to the creators of a game to police who accesses it. There is enough warning in the trailers and the description of the game to let people know that it's full of graphic violence, which is far worse than a joke about a dick. If you as a parent allow your child full unrestricted, unsupervised internet access, especially to the point where they can download whatever they want "without realizing" what it contains, then anything they stumble across is your responsibility, not that of the content's creator.
Posted by Dialga-Brite 22nd April, 2013

Rick, is it that hard to just say "Warning: this game contains mature content"?! It's much more obvious than uploading a trailor. Besides, isn't it just as bad if a kid sees the trailor than if they see the game?
Posted by s-m-r 22nd April, 2013

...Perhaps the following thread should be a useful place to continue such a discussion?

Mature Content: Creator's Responsibility to the Public?
Posted by Dustin Gunn 22nd April, 2013

I would have added a warning if I had thought of it, but I think at this point every single person on the internet has seen a dick somewhere on the internet. They're inescapable.
Posted by Buster 1st May, 2013

Holy shit! I remember you working on this game like... how many years ago?! This looks amazing. Can't wait to play.
Posted by Crystal Clear (H.E.S) 31st May, 2013

Wow. Haven't been on this site for 6+ years and i see Dustin's game on the front page and Buster posting aswell! Good to see you're still making great games mate! This game has such a high level of polish, the engine is amazing i can't even comprehend how complex the code is. Love the humor aswell, don't see that enough in games these days.

I was looking through my old Hard Drive the other day and found all these old TGF and MMF source files. Was playing Northlander (awesome buster haha) and Arcadia, those were the days!
Comment edited by Crystal Clear (H.E.S) on 5/31/2013
Posted by Buster 31st May, 2013

Hey buddy! Yeah I don't come here very often any more.
Northlander? I can't quite remember that one. I'd love to see some of those games again. I lost everything when my hard drive died.
Posted by Dustin Gunn 10th June, 2013

heretic emu studios represent! I don't remember any northlander but I remember the one where you have to assassinate a politician.
Comment edited by Dustin Gunn on 6/10/2013
Posted by Buster 14th June, 2013

Hahahaha Assassin? or the much loved sequel, Assassin 2?! Good times. I wonder if there is any demand for an third to complete the trilogy.


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