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Kickstarter Project: Ghost in the Machine
News posted 18th May, 2013 by The Chris Street  
TDC member Bibin has been quietly working on his latest project over the past year. Called Ghost in the Machine, it is a retro, tough-as-nails platformer complete with 8-bit soundtrack. The detailed, yet largely colourless graphics look fantastic and fit in with the retro gameplay.

The game is currently running as a Kickstarter project and has beaten its $2000 goal, with 125 backers at the time of posting. Take a look at Bibins Kickstarter page, complete with video, by clicking HERE.

By the way, apologies with the lack of updates. I've been in the process of a house-move, amongst other things.

Posted by Del Duio 18th May, 2013

$2000 bucks? Damnit, Am I the only idiot who doesn't use Kickstarter? Seems like a great way to get money. I wonder how developers come up with a value on how much it'd cost to get their game finished?

Cost = Int(((Pizzas / Beers) * 1.5) + Coffees) exp 3


Posted by jamesh 28th May, 2013



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