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New iOS Game - Frantic Fingers
News posted 2nd June, 2013 by The Chris Street  
Jake, the creator of the Jamie's Revenge series, has been busy behind the scenes creating a fantastic WarioWare-esque game using the iOS runtime. Called Frantic Fingers, there are over 60 mini-games for you to try your hand at. Costing a very token sum of money, can you beat this game?

Comments from the Author:
"How fast can you think? How nimble are your fingers? Frantic Fingers will put you to the test! Frantic Fingers is a collection of three second mini-games in rapid succession. Under guidance from a brief instruction, you must figure out the objective of each presented scenario with a slide, tap or spin of your finger!"

Click here to find out more about the game

Posted by Tim 2nd July, 2013

LOL, I just so happened to randomly visit again (hello) and saw this on the homepage - could tell instantly it was a Greer masterpiece ;D


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