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New Kickstarter Campaign : Dropsy
News posted 2nd July, 2013 by Knudde (Shab)  

Longtime TDC member Jay Tholen has recently started a kickstarter campaign for a game surrounding his Dropsy character. Dropsy is an unfortunate looking clown with a heart of gold, who has a series of comics around the web. Jay is hoping to to create an adventure game, but needs a little help! Full explanations of the details are on the kickstarter page in a fantastic little video!

Click here to check out the kickstarter!

Posted by Yai7 3rd July, 2013

Yay! update! You aren't scambags anymore!
Posted by JayTholen 4th July, 2013

Hey Yair! You got any games coming up?!
Posted by -Liam- 6th July, 2013

The artwork for this is FANTASTIC.
Posted by JayTholen 7th July, 2013

Thanks Liam.
Posted by UrbanMonk 9th July, 2013

I saw this a couple of days ago! Didn't know a user here we making it! Awesome work! Can't wait to play this!

I read the comic and now I really want to play this game.
Posted by twiterror 12th July, 2013

Lets hope circy doesn't remove this kickstarter
Posted by twiterror 1st October, 2013

Circy deleted my story...


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