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New Game: Dungeon Dashers
News posted 27th October, 2013 by The Chris Street  
Here's something worth mentioning - an MMF2 game has made it onto Steam! Assault Andy, aka Andrew Sum and his team have released an early access version of Dungeon Dashers, a turn-based dungeon crawler. If you ever played the original Dungeon Dash by these guys - a game made in 20 events - you'll feel right at home exploring randomly generated dungeons. It looks simply amazing and is worth purchasing.

Comments from the Author:
"Dungeon Dashers is a fast-paced turn-based dungeon crawler, bringing the enjoyment of a tabletop board game with friends to the PC. The game's design streamlines the core dungeon crawler experience to its essentials, for an intense, loot-grabbing adventure. "

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Posted by s-m-r 27th October, 2013

I was working with Andy early on in this process, and I'm very happy to see he's put together a successful game package! There's nowhere to go but up with Dungeon Dashers. He's put his heart and soul into this project and it's finally paying off.

Go Andy Go!!!
Posted by Windybeard Games 28th October, 2013

I have been watching this for ages now. Great to see it doing well!
Posted by Assault Andy 28th October, 2013

It's not AndyH, it's me AssaultAndy (Andrew Sum)
Posted by OMC 28th October, 2013

Woot! Gonlatucrations, Andy!
Posted by danjo 28th October, 2013

oh god chris street.. you're sacked! hahaha
Posted by The Chris Street 28th October, 2013

Sorry, my bad! Fixed now.
Posted by Jess Bowers 31st October, 2013

Everyone MUST check out this game!
Posted by Eternal Man [EE] 1st November, 2013

Awesome job Andy!


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