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New Game - AGwaK 6: Moon Minion
News posted 27th October, 2013 by The Chris Street  
Another update? Blimey.

Remember the "A Game With A Kitty" series by Bernie? Well, the sixth incarnation, a 3D platformer, is here for you to download. Called AGwaK 6: Moon Minion, this colourful, yet somewhat slightly sinister platformer features Kittey attempting to rescue his friends from the Moon, who is, as Bernie puts it, "a kind of a big jerk". There are also Mac and Android versions available. Definitely one to try!

Comments from the Author:
"Oh god oh no! I made a new game. Why do I keep doing that! So what's this game's deal? It's pretty much an oldschool 3d platformer, if there is such a thing. The inspiration comes from earlier 3d games such as Mario 64. It was designed for touch devices, but can be played normally, too. "

Click here to find out more about the game

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