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New Clickteam Staff Member
News posted 7th November, 2013 by The Chris Street  
Probably worth a quick news post, given the fantastic work this individual has done on the Android Exporter. Clickteam have a new team member in the form of Fernando (aka Fvivolo in the Clickteam forums), who will continue to work on Android and the Ouya exporter.

Just something worth mentioning, and definitely a great asset to the Clickteam guys :D

Posted by Liquixcat 7th November, 2013

Woo, Fvivolo! Awesome.
Posted by Eternal Man [EE] 7th November, 2013

A really good move on clickteam's side! What with the Ouya becoming more and more interesting for clickers.
Posted by Marko 8th November, 2013

Awesome, the amount of front page posts this week is mind-blowing - keep it up!
Posted by UrbanMonk 8th November, 2013

I'm glad they've hired another guy.
They're stretched thin these days it seems.

Plus the Android exporter is really slow compared to the iOS exported, so I hope to see some performance improvements!


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