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Poll Result: Old
News posted 18th November, 2013 by Liquixcat  
The results of the General Poll are in, and the results are conclusive: We're Adults.

Apparently 94.5% of us are over the age of 18. This shows one of two things:
1) Kids don't vote
2) Klikker's have grown up!

I think 2 weeks was a good go and now it's time for another General Poll. This time we're going to hit the Kids where it hurts to hopefully get them voting!

What Console(s) are you going to purchase?

Posted by twiterror 19th November, 2013

Apparently Circy has removed all the kids!
Posted by s-m-r 20th November, 2013

Considering the export ability (and affordable price tag), might you want to add the OUYA console to the list?


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