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Project: Core of Innocence
News posted 20th November, 2013 by Liquixcat  
A project update has confirmed a release date for Core of Innocence! It is to be released on December 7th, 2013! TDC member Hateful Chaos, sorry, I mean Chaos680 has been long at work getting this game for the big time and it's finally nearly here! As per usual I'm excited!

Comments from the Author:
"December 7th. 8pm CST. Thatís it folks. The release date and time for Core of Innocence! We even added a snazzy counter at the top of our page to count it down as we bring this thing to a close!
Itís very exciting times in the weeks to come for us, and since its been quite the ride we are thinking of hosting some form of release party, which if technology/internet allows we will be streaming the festivities live for anyone interested to come celebrate with us. I took the night off my real (and far less fun) job and everything, as I plan on celebrating hard."

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Posted by Windybeard Games 25th November, 2013

ahh ive been keeping an eye on this for ages, looking forward to picking this one up!


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