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Days Away from Clickteam Fusion 2.5
News posted 30th November, 2013 by Knudde (Shab)  
That's right ladies and gentlemen, Multimedia Fusion 2 is being reborn into Clickteam Fusion 2.5. Scheduled for release on December 3rd this is a massive step up from Multimedia Fusion 2 and includes such new features as:

7 new movements powered by Box 2d
Gestures supported in the new multiitouch object
Among many, many more,

The complete list o which can be found here..

Wait, you already knew that, well of course you did! Bt what you may not know is the upgrade pricing for existing TGF2 and MMF2 owners! In some cases you could even get the upgrade for free! Now there are terms and conditions, which can be handily found on the news post Jeff made over on the clickteam social site.

Click here to find out the exciting upgrade opportunities for existing owners!.

Posted by s-m-r 30th November, 2013

There's some interesting mathematics going on...Looks like they're cool with a complimentary upgrade to v2.5 if you buy MMF2 Developer.

Hmm...If I wasn't so strapped for cash at the moment, I'd likely jump in on that myself.
Posted by lembi2001 30th November, 2013

Works out at ~24 for us in Blighty. May have to do this in the New Year
Posted by The Chris Street 30th November, 2013

Definitely doing this
Posted by Chloe Sagal 2nd December, 2013

$39 is totally do-able. This is fantastic news! *explodes*
Posted by Kisguri 2nd December, 2013

Guys, Kisguri from Clickteam here. To ensure the best possible release product for Clickteam Fusion 2.5 on Steam. We have decided to push the launch back to the 5th of December. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we make our maiden voyage on Steam.
Posted by Mark McCauley 3rd December, 2013

ahhhhh noooo (
2 more days, 2 more.
I hear they have moved Christmas day to the 27th as well. )

Can someone clear this up for me pls..
I own TGF2 full paid version, Can I use TGF2 to make android apps ? (not shockwave flash) or do I need mmf2.
Would love to own Developers Version of MMF2 but moneys a bit tight tight tight at the moment, Dont suppose you could sub me a version ? and erm, well Ill give you tons back maybe,possibly, or a dog, yeah Ill swap you my dog for a copy. not sure if she can outnumber the tricks packed into your products though.

I wanna try it nowwww (
Posted by UrbanMonk 3rd December, 2013

You should be able to buy the android runtime even if you use TGF2.
Posted by Chrisbo 4th December, 2013

I'm curious if anybody knows if this version is a complete rewrite of the code, or is this still essentially Klik & Play at heart?

For example, "stop" on 8 direction movement just causes the object to bounce back a little bit rather than just stopping.
Posted by Mark McCauley 4th December, 2013

nice one! thanks for telling me good news urbanMonk,
so I can definitely dance around the room in glee while I wait, ooh the excitement of it more day one more day...
Posted by UrbanMonk 4th December, 2013

I remember reading it somewhere, but you should PM Jeff or someone from Clickteam before you buy.
Posted by Mark McCauley 5th December, 2013

yeah i emailed some discount voucher thing on clickteam site because I cant seem to find what Im looking for,
Now Im holding back as I think I am probably kidding myself that I can just port my tgf2 games to android as easy as that.I also had mmf before but I still prefer tgf for some reason, I know I cant afford the developer packages so have to wait til times get good again,ID be happy if they release a free version that encodes to take a small cut from every app you sell, they would make millions more this way methinks.especially since it would be widely available to more people to add to their client base.
It would be like owning the worlds largest indie development team, who do whatever work they wanna do and they get a slice. well all be able to have some cake yay. ahem
also read something about not being ready until 10th december ,im confused , with nowhere actually linking to the answers,the sales side of things are not clear, Im looking in various places, in fact Im just looking to press pay bish bash bosh, download, done.
convert tgf2 to app, done, upload and register , done,
make a few million. done. so....
Posted by Jake G 6th December, 2013

It's out! Buuuut there is no demo version just yet and I can't purchase it because I am waiting for my new card to arrive in the mail. Bummer...
Posted by UrbanMonk 7th December, 2013

Well I bought it...and I have to say it's pretty awesome!
Posted by Jake G 8th December, 2013

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