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Core of Innocence Released!
News posted 8th December, 2013 by The Chris Street  
Mark this moment in the Klik History Books (if they exist) - Chaos680 has finished up, and released his game Core of Innocence for free :) Demonstrated a few times at the last few conventions, it's a project that has been several years in development. Free (and significant) releases such as this are quite rare, especially given the competitive nature of klikkers these days, so I really hope Core of Innocence receives a large number of downloads - its ambition alone deserves it great success - excellent work Chaos!

PS: Feel free to make a donation!

Comments from the Author:
"I'm happy to announce the release of Pudding Hat Games' flagship title, Core of Innocence! It's an adventure platform game aimed at more mature audiences offering around 5-10 hours of gameplay. There are over 250 pieces of equipment to collect, eight massive areas to explore, and tons of secrets to find as you lead our heroine Lila in her quest to save her world! "

Click here to find out more about the game

Posted by AndyUK 8th December, 2013

Looks like that screenshot is from an older build.

First impressions, looks like a lot of love was put into the game, but the sprites and animation seem to poorly fit. Perhaps a little too click hobbyist for my liking. It's a minor issue though. The music and coding and great though.
Posted by The Chris Street 8th December, 2013

Yes, I borrowed the screenshot from a slightly older news post.
Posted by Yai7 9th December, 2013

He deserves a donation first before I download this and I need to find a profitable job for doing this first! I will try and catch him on once I fill myself with a decent sum! Love to you!
Posted by Chaos680 9th December, 2013

Thanks for the write-up Chris! It's definitely appreciated!

In my defense, AndyUK - most of the beginning area graphics are.... 10 years old. Ha! You'll notice if you play to the end of the game the pixel art improves significantly throughout the experience.

One of those "Do I bother going back to update it all again, or just release it finally and move on." - I went with the latter decision so I can move onto other projects!

Posted by AndyUK 10th December, 2013

Good on you for getting it done.
Posted by Hill Gigas 10th December, 2013

It's a fantastic game! It has great atmosphere and music. And if you feel low while playing, just duck, and you'll bounce right back.
Posted by Chaos680 10th December, 2013

Thanks Gigas
Posted by LordHannu 16th December, 2013

The game is fun and all but i got stuck at the elevator i cant get it to move down. its a huge blue arrow pointing down. but nothing happens pressed all buttons but nothing happened. what should i do?
Posted by Chaos680 18th December, 2013

Press whatever you have mapped to the action button. Default is 'up' - That should let you progress further!
Posted by Jenswa 25th January, 2014

That looks great


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