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Brace yourself, amigos
News posted 15th December, 2013 by Hagar  
Greetings, my excellent friends. Life has been extremely hectic over the last few months, as I have been finishing off my Doctorate degree. I expected to return to my admin duties post thesis, however, my life has changed substantially.

I now have an excellent girlfriend, in addition to grant funding (a fellowship) to start up my own instrumentation company within the UK.

Apologies to all, especially the other administrators for not helping to man the good ship TDC.

I will still be "clicking" when I can, but I have other callings and responsibilities now, so the best thing for me to do is to stand down as admin.

Be excellent to each other and party on, dudes!

Posted by Hill Gigas 16th December, 2013

Glad to hear things have been going well for you!
Posted by s-m-r 16th December, 2013

Happy trails, amigo. I'll fondly remember the Funtition and all your efforts.

Best of success with your fellowship!
Posted by Mark McCauley 16th December, 2013

good luck, onwards and upwards.

Posted by Yai7 16th December, 2013

Boost off, TDC was never a good deal!
Posted by Liquixcat 16th December, 2013

Sad to see you step down but understandable as well. Good luck on your endeavours Hager!
Posted by Marko 16th December, 2013

Sounds like life is sweet right now, enjoy!
Posted by OMC 17th December, 2013

Be excellent to each other. I like that!

Best wishes, hagar!
Posted by UrbanMonk 17th December, 2013

Man that stinks. Hagar was one of the best.
Posted by Pan-tosser 18th December, 2013

keep on clicking
Posted by AndyUK 19th December, 2013

Take care and Good luck.
Posted by SolarB 20th December, 2013

Congratulations and good luck!
Posted by siven 6th January, 2014

its been good having you around bro! good luck with everything!


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