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New Game: Chipper & Sons Lumber Co.
News posted 16th December, 2013 by Liquixcat  
Truly awesome looking game by the name of Chipper & Sons Lumber Co. was released to The Daily Click today by Hill Gigas. Featuring lovely fluid animation and beautifully rendered characters, it's sure to please. There is much to do and see and the download size doesn't disagree... a whopping 35 MB.

Comments from the Author:
Find trees and cut them down to collect the wood. Take the wood to Mr. Chipper (your Dad) and he will make lumber for you. Using that, as well as the items you collect, you'll build things ranging from Lumberbots, to Totem Poles, to Crab Cabanas, and in the process you'll unlock new and more advanced blueprints!

Click here to view and download this game.

Posted by Pan-tosser 18th December, 2013

judging by the screen shot hill gigas has some real art skills. chipper looks vary professional. can't wait to have more free time so i can play it
Posted by AndyUK 19th December, 2013

35MB might have been a hefty download in 2001 but not today.
I forget, did Hill Gigas make Iffermoon? I see a resemblance in the gorgeous prerendered graphics.


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