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News posted 31st December, 2013 by The Chris Street  
Hope you all had a great Christmas! (or whatever you celebrate). Down to business now... a few games have been submitted to TDC over the festive period, so I feel it's necessary to bunch them into one news post. Here we go:

Christmas Chinchilla: Created by Saurum Company, this is a nice little Christmas game that has the protagonist throwing presents from a roof to passing children in the street. Sadly this wasn't released in time for Christmas, but it's still a nice way to entertain yourself during the holidays. READ MORE

Dark Ascension: Seemingly the complete opposite of Christmas, and probably more appropriately released at Halloween, this submission by Jack Hartman is somewhat crude graphically, but is an entertaining enough zombie shooter. READ MORE

Into the Underdusk: A retro explorative platform adventure by Joshua Koester, currently in beta, but still worthy of a mention - with a story about life and light fading into the dark night. A cheerful Christmassy game then! READ MORE

Mobile Snake: HoogHaar developer Jenswa is back with a new release... Mobile Snake! The classic mobile game, coded in HTML5. Collect food blocks to grow your snake, until you die. READ MORE

Plisken: A curious application by Ketteringbug that allows the user to splice YouTube videos around into separate samples. READ MORE

That's it for now - have a Happy New Year, and let's hope 2014 brings us MMF3, much happiness, and a more active TDC! :D

Posted by nim 3rd January, 2014

Shame that Into the Underdusk got lumped together with the others. It's one of the better games I've played here.
Posted by Jenswa 6th January, 2014

Perhaps you can write us a review?

That will set the game apart and perhaps it will shine on the frontpage again.

Comment edited by Jenswa on 1/6/2014
Posted by Dialga-Brite 7th January, 2014

Chris, I replied to your comment on my game. Can you please respond?


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