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Summer Time!
News posted 17th June, 2002 by Rikus  

Yes folks its that time of the year again, summer is coming!!!! This has a strange effect on me that i would want to share with you all One of them is that i much rather go out and do something summery (swimming,beach,go out) then to stay in this house where right now i am melting away, so i better type this fast. Old time visitors might remember this from the old ap-zone but every year around this time i put my site into what i like to call: "summer mode" This means that while i keep updating the site, i wont do it every day because.. its to hot and nice outside to spend my time here inside. I'll try to update the site in the early mornings or late evenings but don't expect daily updates. The daily updates will resume a bit later this year and that's late september, this is because my summer holiday starts a bit later this year. I hope everyone will have a great summer, whatever you might do. Enjoy

Posted by MasterM 17th June, 2002

Yeah I like the water design. Nice work! ;-) We have 35 here. I am amazed. I wish everybody a nice summer it's the best season in the year (Look at the girls in summertime ;-) )
Posted by Joshtek 17th June, 2002

Its not so warm in England, occasionally its warm..but not mid-summer kinda hot :) Whats the summer pic of exactly, some sort of swimming baths type thing?
Posted by The Chris Street 17th June, 2002

well its bloody hot here in england at the moment :( I hate summer for that. I cant stand hot weather. The picture is of a water park, it kinda looks familiar too..
Posted by vigge 17th June, 2002

it's 19.30 here in sweden and its 21c!
Posted by Rikus 17th June, 2002

summer should be hot:)
Posted by MasterM 17th June, 2002

Circy I don't understand you. ;-) Okay there are guys out there who are programming a winter game in the summer time *lol* I love the summer so many things I can do now I am in such a different mod. Now live is fun. not stupid cold weather. i don't want to check my spelling it's summer and I can wear my hawaii shirt again (I did today). yeah I am freaking out it's summer and I AM FREE live is great
Posted by The Chris Street 17th June, 2002

Im just not the greatest fan of summer. Ok, so it gives people excuses to throw water bombs at passing strangers, and there is some relief from swimming in the sea, but honestly, summer is very costly as you have to buy loads of deodorant to keep your constant sweatiness under "control"...Plus I can never sleep that well at nighttimes.
Posted by Joshtek 17th June, 2002

I hate flies too :(
Posted by Rikus 17th June, 2002

I'm, sure most people agree with me that summer rocks!
Posted by Nobuyuki 17th June, 2002

I LOVE SUMMER and I also like summer girls but not summer MasterM's in hawaii shirts!! >:O
Posted by Andi Smith 17th June, 2002

The Daily Click, eh?
Posted by Tony (Darkjune) 17th June, 2002

Summer's the best, today we had a parade in downtown Detroit, because the Detroit Red Wings won the Stanely Cup, now I'm goin to play some tennis with my girlfriend. Ahhh the beauty of summer.
Posted by MasterM 17th June, 2002

But Nobuyuki I like you ;-) Time for BBQ! yesterday and today I ate some really good steaks. And YEAH Rikus I agree with you. Summer is so romantic, too. The long nights with many glow-worms. this is only cool. maybe I can finish my RPG i started last sommer in TGF (Now everybody know what I did last summmer ;-) ) and opened later in mmf which i bought in the last summer. it was the first thing i opened in mmf. this game is really cool for long sommer nights but i'll not tell you more maybe i'll finish it this sommer or maybe i'll finish it the next summer i don't know but i don't care, too. go out and enjoy your live (you should ban me ;-) it's so cool to add comments to this news i think more will follow but i don't hope so. some guys get crazy during valentines day I am crazy (no! not every day in the year) in the summer time. ;-)
Posted by citizen[Ac] 17th June, 2002

Rikus does this mean Daily Click won't go down once a week either, lol :)
Posted by Zircon 17th June, 2002

35.. never though we could get this high :D And rikus is so right, i've spent my day outside, now it is cooling down so I can be inside again :)
Posted by Rikus 17th June, 2002

Thanks Andi for that comment, you seem bitter, did not expect that one from you. If people submit games or links the site is still updated daily, You can't expect from me to update this site every day in the summer time, your next comment could be, "why call it the daily click then", well maybe we should not take the name that serious and just have some fun while we are here, we all do the best we can and we are all visiting and making this site for the fun and interest in making games, i think thats the best answer i can give you.
Posted by Andi Smith 17th June, 2002

Happy summer :P
Posted by Joshtek 17th June, 2002

Why don't you get more content editors?
Posted by Andi Smith 17th June, 2002

Sorry, if I sounded bitter (not intentional) - I'm just tired, stressed and picky :P It wasn't intended to be a dig.
Posted by Rikus 17th June, 2002

Lol, no prob Andi. Anyway this was supposed to be a happy topic:) So whats everyone going to do this summer?
Posted by Josh Whelchel 17th June, 2002

How about you get someone else to do it ;_; its like you're not asking for any help sometimes :P
Posted by Rikus 17th June, 2002

been there done that Josh, did not work out to well last time. Lets enjoy the summer:)
Posted by HiredGun 17th June, 2002

I'm going to brutally murder each and every person that has ever looked at me wrong. Oh, and my entire neighbourhood too. The nights are short so I must work fast.
Posted by Joshtek 17th June, 2002

How about nuking everyone while all your friends are on a different planet...thatd be fun :)
Posted by Anthony Lopes 17th June, 2002

Have Fun Rikus! Cool water theme, like it alot!
Posted by ShadowCaster 17th June, 2002

This "summer theme" is so out of place, it's winter here in Australia... 16c and raining at the moment (but you dont hear me complaining, I prefer the cold and the rain any day...) In any event, if there are any updates people want (I dont know how long Rikus is going to be inbetween updates) feel free to email or PM me. ~Mike
Posted by skn3 17th June, 2002

Summer is great, You can go outside get roasted to a crisp. YEAH RIGHT! summer for me sucks, iam from eireland (ireland) and my skin is shitty and quick to burn. Last time i went to a beach, i ended up in hospital, haqving a bandage that covered my whole top part of my body. I had blisters the size of tennis balls. So i have to be very carefull, or slap on factor 500 suncream XD. Anyway, as you guessed iam not a summer fan, but i do apreciate that feeling you get in summer, relaxed bright, cheerfull :D its great. BUT watch out for that sun.....
Posted by danjo 17th June, 2002

i was about to say, half the people on that side of the world have forgotten its winter here on this side ! (although today's a cool - but sunny day)
Posted by vortex2 17th June, 2002

lol :P anyway i like summer as it is the best time to click ;). also i go outside, but here in texas it is soo hot that going anyware is pretty hard :). anyway have a fun summer!
Posted by Tony (Darkjune) 17th June, 2002

I'm gonna chill, celebrate my birthday(june 23, i'm gonna be 22, gettin old), find a full time job(I just graduated college last month), and hang with my boys, my girl, and do a little golf.
Posted by DBack 17th June, 2002

pros of summer: girls, beach, pool, lots of sports to play, vacation, area:two tour, so many great events, baseball games, free time to make games, no stressful school work, etc Cons: agonizing heat in massachusetts. allergies (but not nearly as much as spring). yellow jackets and wasps, which are dangerous and annoying. being stuck at home with nothing to do occasionally. otherwise, summer rocks :)
Posted by 17th June, 2002

Im living in Australia. I just had a great summer considering i live near the water so i get to go out on hot days in the boat. But now its winter and it sucks. I had to walk home from school in heavy rain today. I HATE WINTER!
Posted by ShadowCaster 18th June, 2002

Forb: Where in AU are you from?
Posted by Steve Harris 18th June, 2002

I'm of to Ibiza in to weeks with 20 of my best buddies. All I want to do is do it (big girl, big girl!) any english people will know the song if they like Kevin and Perry!!!
Posted by ben_02 18th June, 2002

I'm currently enjoying winter, a pleasant break from what was often up to 40C :P. At least I can sleep at night! My room is a shed transformed into a room.
Posted by Plasticow 18th June, 2002

WOAH DUDE! I've been on the water slide before! It's in Atlanta, I think. And I used to live there. :D When I was 8, i thought it was like, vertical (the one in the middle). It's scary.
Posted by Rhys D 18th June, 2002

winter sucks
Posted by jast 18th June, 2002

Winter rules. There's nothing better than fighting your way through the snow (1m or higher), entering your house and sitting on the chimney, rolled in a blanket and drinking hot chocolate. I don't really like summer. There's always at least 1 culex in your room and it's way too hot. The only bad thing about winter is that I can't use my motorbike ;)
Posted by 18th June, 2002

SC: you know where i live in AU, im from the cronulla area. I am Chris\ from #K&P.
Posted by Arjan Burggraaf [Eggy] 18th June, 2002

It's right now 33 in Holland. I like summer more than winter, but winter doesn't sucks. However I would rather go to Italy or Spain, because the summer there is much better...
Posted by Andi Smith 18th June, 2002

DBack: You get girls in winter too ;)
Posted by ShadowCaster 18th June, 2002

Oh, Cronulla, thats right. Tom will tell you just how crap my memory is :) BTW... I JUST GOT MY ADSL WORKING!!!!! /me starts up all the downloads that were waiting in GetRight ;) ~Mike
Posted by ShadowCaster 18th June, 2002

OMG OMG OMG! I have 3 downloads running, and I'm going to get all 60mb in just 10 minutes :O /me has sexual intercourse with his adsl modem
Posted by Joshtek 18th June, 2002

I think you just broke it lol, I have DSL and its great...except I have nothing todo because the usual time I spend waiting has dissapeared - yay for DC and its DLs... only 2mb noooo
Posted by HiredGun 18th June, 2002

I HATE summer. With a passion. Hay fever has reduced me to a tearing, sniffeling, throat scratching wreck. Even more so than I usually am.
Posted by Karl Hedlund 18th June, 2002

Weee now the site really has the "Swedish" design.
Posted by QuADiE 18th June, 2002

Posted by Canaryman 18th June, 2002

Some points about my summer: - It will be in scotland - It will rain 50% of the time - the other 50% of the time it will be sunny, but with 40mph Winds - I do not own a barbecue - I have hayfever - IM GOING TO MAJORCA! MWHAHAHAHA! 2 weeks of sun sand sea and Germans hogging the sunloungers and English people getting pissed cause they are doing to well in the world cup while my classmates spend their last week packing boxes for the move back to our now refurbished school. hehe - Ah pitty da foo who packs boxes.
Posted by Joshtek 18th June, 2002

I went to a Jools Holland concert a few days ago, it was good but I walked home so my feet ached like hell :(
Posted by Karl Hedlund 18th June, 2002

I'm working at summer!
Posted by Joshtek 18th June, 2002

Well, don't forget to tell your boss to cut out the UV rays, and be hot but not TOO hot in the nottinghamshire area ;-)
Posted by C-Media 18th June, 2002

ive never seen so many comments in my life! lol
Posted by Rikus 18th June, 2002

Posted by Josh Whelchel 18th June, 2002

^_^ winter sux its cold i get cold i freeze brr i hate long pants they bug me XD sorry toodles
Posted by MasterM 18th June, 2002

Winter doesn't suck but now it's sommer and I don't want to talk about winter. If it's winter i like it. Imagine summer films during winter!! This is really annoyig like X-MAS movies during sommer. Winter is cool for people who never go outside ;-) in sommer you are FREE. you can go outside and have many fun with pals okay in winter you can make cool snowball fights. i like every season but if i could chose : Hawaii or Alaska... =)
Posted by Mark 18th June, 2002

I guess its the end of good Klik games for a few months then, only for remakes of old games to reemerge in late November as Christmas Specials.
Posted by Josh Whelchel 18th June, 2002

compo is pretty big too
Posted by Simdrone052 18th June, 2002

Okay, I like summer, but not for any beach-going prep reasons... I am a pasty pale skinny geek who does nothing but sit in front for a glowing screen enjoying resse cups, and assorted snack cakes, ignoring the smell of all the dirty clothes on my floor... I enjoy summer because these is no school, and I can spend unlimited time with my best friend, THE PC! That will be my life until I die or get thrown in a retirement home...
Posted by Simdrone052 18th June, 2002

PS- sports and any other activity that involves moving any body part except for your wrist/arm/fingers is evil and should be banned! GEEK WORLD DOMINATION! HA!
Posted by DBack 18th June, 2002

I love winter. why? - right after a big storm, it looks incredible outside with all the snow - sledding. very, very fun when there's a few people and a few obstacles ;) - Christmas, with the tons of game releases around that time for the holiday, the christmas vacation, and hearing little bells ring out christmas tunes. MUCH better than people singing them. - New Year's is during winter. more celebration - klik christmas games - girls ;) - money for cleaning driveways of snow. - storms closing school I like summer better, though, because i usually get to get out of this place ;)
Posted by Rhys D 18th June, 2002

"entering your house and sitting on the chimney" - I don't think anyone here does that...
Posted by Rhys D 18th June, 2002

Oh and where do all the girls go in American summers? you all seem to be complaining that they only are in winter. In Australia the summertime is the best time for girls! ever heard of bikinis?
Posted by Rikus 19th June, 2002

Could this be the topic that got the most comments ever?:)
Posted by Alex Mangel 19th June, 2002

No. I will destroy thou topic and make my pathos preview get teh most commentas! P.S> I admit that was a louse attempt to get more comments ... :P
Posted by Alex Mangel 19th June, 2002

No. I will destroy thou topic and make my pathos preview get teh most commentas! P.S> I admit that was a louse attempt to get more comments ... :P
Posted by MasterM 19th June, 2002

Yeah Rikus we all try our best ;-)
Posted by DBack 19th June, 2002

rhys that had better be sarcasm because absolutely nobody was complaining that they are only in winter ;)
Posted by Canaryman 19th June, 2002

Same here Jay - except swap snack cakes for Cheese Sandwiches and Reese's cups (whatever they are) for Coca Cola. But now i'm going to spend 2 weeks away from my pc. the horror. Although, i'm sure i'll find something to do, like take apart the swimming pool filter and nick all the jewellery. mmmm - euros.
Posted by MasterM 19th June, 2002

"mmmm - euros"? I think it's euro 1 euro 2 euro 3 ... Like $ there are guys who say 3 $s why I wrote this? because it's post number 70! ;-)
Posted by Joshtek 19th June, 2002

I always do majors first and minors after (like 4 or 50p...$50 or 50) why I wrote this? because it's post 71 (or maybe 72 if I was beaten)
Posted by Rhodesy 20th June, 2002

No, i'm a rainy day person myself..
Posted by DONALD 22nd June, 2002

hey rikus how u make games
Posted by Joshtek 22nd June, 2002

Donald: use The Games Factory, Klik and Play, Click and Create or MultiMedia them at !


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