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New MMORPG: Scarlet Sword
News posted 5th January, 2014 by The Chris Street  
Burfelt - prominent member of the Clickteam forums - has made me aware of a new MMORPG game created by DizzyDoo. Called Scarlet Sword, this browser based multiplayer roleplaying adventure, in the style of the 2D Zelda games, was created entirely in MMF2, which is an incredible technical achievement in itself. What's more, it's free to play, so there's no excuse not to head over to the Scarlet Sword website to give it a go. Thanks Burfelt for the heads-up!

Comments from the Author:
"Scarlet Sword is a real-time MMORPG! It takes the skill-based gameplay of the classic 2D Zelda games, and mixes the adventure and exploration with online multiplayer. Players take the role of an adventurer, seeking treasure and excitement on the newly discovered Island of Mesonia, which is full of monsters, magic and dungeons! "

Click here to find out more about the game, and play online today

Posted by UrbanMonk 5th January, 2014

Interesting. Going to give it a shot. Surprised he didn't mention the game here.
Posted by - Yelnek - 8th February, 2014

DizzyDoo knows Lacewing! Played for a bit and it looks really good. The initial loading took a really long time. Needs more players playing though!

P.S. Those cave bats are real turds.
Comment edited by - Yelnek - on 2/8/2014


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