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News posted 4th March, 2014 by Liquixcat  
Two New Games have made their way into The Daily Click's downloads section. They are definitely not clones of something else, right?

Rush 'n Flap by Akai_R
A mash-up between Flappy Bird and Rush 'n Attack - Rush 'n Flap!

Flappy Beat by DS Strider
Flappy Bird has invaded the Mega Man Universe! Poor Beat must navigate the mazes of spikes to avoid certain death! Well.. Death is inevitable. Beat is screwed.

Click here to view and download Rush 'n Flap
Click here to view and download Flappy Beat

Posted by siven 7th March, 2014

why? wwwwwwwhhhhhyyyyyy?!? why wont people just let flappy bird die off... lol.
Posted by Jenswa 4th April, 2014

Flappy strikes back!


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