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New Game: Sky Crashers
News posted 26th April, 2014 by Rikus  
I hope everyone is having a great weekend! Lets see if we can turn this old The Daily Click Machine on! If you have not already check out Bernies new platformer Sky Crashers! It is pretty Awesome!

Click here to download this game

Posted by Rikus 26th April, 2014

Tight Controls, awesome graphics and Funky music, what more could you want? I am so totally going to try and collect all the stars
Posted by -Liam- 27th April, 2014

Looks to be very nicely made!

Also, nice to see a new moderator on TDC. Welcome to the club.
Posted by Rikus 27th April, 2014

Well thank you it is good to be here Ill try to have another game up shortly.
Posted by UrbanMonk 27th April, 2014

Woo nice! How did I miss this one! Also welcome back Rikus, soooo how long will you update the site this time? Hope it isn't just a week long thing before you quit again!
Posted by Rikus 27th April, 2014

Woohoo! If all things go well should be for a long while, and why the heck am I still awake at 2:06 AM in the morning, lol!
Posted by Clubsoft 27th April, 2014

It's a Rikus! Hello hello
Posted by Rikus 28th April, 2014

Hi Club!!!
Posted by nim 29th April, 2014

Welcome back, Rikus


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