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New Compo: ZODIAC ATTACK 2014!
News posted 6th May, 2014 by Rikus  
The Zodiac Compo has returned folks! S-M-R has started up the compo again and it sounds pretty exciting. Why not enter and get your games featured right here on the front page perhaps.. Hmmm? Oh and perhaps winning some prizes sound even better perhaps?

Click here to visit the compo page!
Compo info from S-M-R: You may remember last year's Zodiac Attack competition... Well, hey it's back! This is a friendly competition open to anyone here on the TDC forum. What better way to warm-up the community to those summer game compos than with this little event, eh?! Additionally, I send a special custom Zodiac-themed prize out to the winner(s) keep reading if you're interested.

Posted by s-m-r 6th May, 2014

Once again, BIG thanks to OMC, who came up with the logo for me for two years running now. It looks very snazzy on the front page, I must say.

Thanks to Rikus for the front page love, too!
Posted by UrbanMonk 6th May, 2014

Rikus is on a roll once again!


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