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New Game: Bloody Bounty Throwdown
News posted 6th May, 2014 by Liquixcat  
Greetings, Daily Clickers!

Today I bring a Bloody Beat-down on your safe and simple lives! User One Man Army Games has uploaded a new Game by the name of Bloody Bounty Throwdown. If it were up to me I'd add the word "Xtreme!" on the end, sounds catchy. Where was I... Oh yes! Bloody Bounty Throwdown [Xtreme!] has a functional online mode and plethora of Bloody fighters to choose from.

Comments from the Author:
"When an evil rises from the past to take the lives of hundreds only the most daring will try to put an end to him. Play as 7 different fighters with a bonus unlockable fighter. Chocolate Man . . ."

Click here to view and download this Xtreme game!

Posted by One Man Army Games 7th May, 2014

Wow! thanks for the post! (:
Posted by Rikus 7th May, 2014

Awesome game, and awesome news post!!! Glad to see new updates mr LiquixCat!


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