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Update Zodiac compo, now with cool $$Money$$ prizes!!
News posted 12th May, 2014 by Rikus  
Wow The Zodiac Compo is stepping up its game folks! S-M-R is investing in some prizes provided by himself and they are awesome! Have a look at this post from S-M-R:

I've decided to invest some actual money in prizes this time around. I know how people can become more interested should they actually have a chance to bring home something instead of just a pat on the back.

Current Prizes Are: 1st Place winner: US$50 "gift certificate" (as in, the winner picks items up to a US$50 value) for one of either,,, or 2nd Place winner: US$25 "gift certificate" 3rd Place winner: US$10 "gift certificate"

The top-scoring winner will still receive a zodiac-themed prize from me in addition to the above prizes. ...So let's see some games, folks!

Click here to visit the compo page to enter!

Posted by s-m-r 12th May, 2014

I much appreciate you spreading the good word, Rikus.

Though I'm a fellow of limited means, I know first-hand the effort, energy, and time that goes into making a game of any size and shape. I want the entrants to know that their efforts are appreciated and if it takes a little indie video gaming goodness to bring that across, then so be it.
Posted by Liquixcat 12th May, 2014

Wow! That's very kind of you. Hopefully this gets some entries!
Posted by One Man Army Games 12th May, 2014

I started on my entry today. I have a project page set up right here:
Posted by LordHannu 12th May, 2014



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