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News: Heart Forth, Alicia is a hit!
News posted 13th May, 2014 by Liquixcat  
Alonso Martin's Kickstarter for his game Heart Forth, Alicia has hit $194,250 at this time of writing. Which is, incredible.

I just want to remind everyone here that this isn't because he's a special Human with special powers. He was a Man with a vision and he put a lot of hard work and dedication into it. There is no reason this can't be you, you right there, reading this. Yes, you!

I highly recommend checking out this Kickstarter and supporting this effort. If he hits his stretch goal of $245K we get to play his game on Nintendo DS!

Click here to visit the Heart Forth, Alicia Kickstarter page.

Posted by Pan-tosser 14th May, 2014

vary good news. it should for sure reach that goal.
Posted by Yai7 14th May, 2014

Get lost...
Posted by danjo 15th May, 2014

Posted by Liquixcat 15th May, 2014

27 hours to go and he's smashed $210K, gogogo!


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