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Whoa, Equin: The Lantern (demo) by Del Duio
News posted 28th August, 2014 by Hagar  
Del Duio has updated his game Equin: The Lantern, and has been kind enough to give us a damn fun demo to try it out with before we buy. It is a rogue like game, made with our good old friend MMF.

A really good game, check it dudes! Click here to download and comment on Equin: The Lantern (demo).

In Del Duio's own words:

"A young Xtoli adventurer learns of a mysterious dungeon near town ruled by an even more mysterious magic lantern. The lantern changes colors, but what does it actually DO? Take control of either Warrior, Thief, or Wizard and gain levels, stats, and mad treasure as you descend the dungeon's 50 floors to find out."

You have 15 floors to try out in the demo, with no restrictions. So get downloading already!!!

Posted by Del Duio 29th August, 2014

Thank you, Hagar it was a lot of fun to make!
Posted by Hagar 29th August, 2014

No problem, and good work
Posted by Hayo 29th August, 2014

I am going to give this a try rather soonish, it looks really nice!
Posted by Jenswa 29th August, 2014

Looks nice, plays all right.


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