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Trio of goodies!
News posted 29th August, 2014 by Hagar  
How is it hanging dudes and dudesses? Here are three cool things, ranging from in browser 3D to Neural Networks! Set your download beards to stun!

First up is a cool little application called Sprites INC Podcast Player for playing podcasts without the bloat associated with most software these days. Good work ACE_Spark !

Click here to download and comment on Sprites INC Podcast Player.

Next up is Lake Legends by Patrick T Herlihy. A rather neat in browser 3D game. Would love to know if this made in click products, or whether Patrick has coded it himself!

Click here to download and comment on Lake Legends.

Thirdly, is an evolution simulator by Duckimation, aptly titled Behavioral Evolution Simulation which makes of a neural network. These are rather nifty things - if you find AI interesting I would highly suggest checking this out and reading up on neural nets (with your thinking beards set to stun).

Click here to download and comment on Behavioral Evolution Simulation.

Posted by Duckimation 30th August, 2014

Thanks for posting this! It took me forever to make it.
Posted by Hagar 30th August, 2014

No problem . Neural nets was a hobby of mine. Keep it up


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