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Klik & Let's Play Episode 4: Ahmaret's Curse
News posted 12th February, 2015 by Rikus  
Rikus finds a friend in a fun new game called: Ahmaret's Curse created by Liam! This is a great platformer that holds some cool secrets!

Posted by nim 13th February, 2015

Good choice!
I'm looking forward to this game. Good luck with it, Liam.
Posted by -Liam- 20th February, 2015

Thanks nim, and thanks Rikus for playing!
Posted by Buster 2nd March, 2015

This is amazing, Liam. The sounds, music, graphics, everything is so well made. I'm really looking forward to this too.

Also, these videos are awesome, Rikus. I hope to see more.


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