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Klik & Lets Play Episode 8: Lyle in Cube Sector
News posted 19th June, 2015 by Rikus  
What would you do if your cat gets stolen? Of course you would throw some cubes at anything and everything! Today Rikus checks out the classic Lyle in Cube Sector. This game was recommended by: zevex747. If you have a suggestion for a game you would like me to check out please let me know in the comments.

Posted by Hill Gigas 22nd June, 2015

I loved this game.
Posted by OMC 22nd June, 2015

And now you can download Лайл в секторе кубов.
Posted by Zuurix 28th June, 2015

Check out my game!

It's WIP diablo-like side-scrolling shooter. There's random loot, but instead of equipping items on your avatar, you build spaceship from procedurally generated parts. There's also lots of evil alien invaders and explosions!


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