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Klik & Let's Play Episode 12: DinoFour
News posted 4th August, 2015 by Rikus  
We check out DinoFour a new cute but deadly puzzle/platform game created by: CraigEatsCrayons! Rikus gets a "little" addicted and lost his ability to stop playing!

Also as a little bonus Craig has kindly supplied some IOS download codes for free for you to check out the game yourself. First come first serve!! We will post 2 codes below, and 1 on our youtube page on the video below! So be sure to have a look all around. The game is great be sure to check it out!

Click here to get more info on the game DinoFour!

IOS (Iphone) Free Download code works only once: P9MY9HYRR4HY and R3JTL3PJHNJR Let us know in the comments if you got one:)

Posted by UrbanMonk 14th August, 2015

Apparently both codes have already been redeemed.
I love how no one posted that they grabbed them!
Posted by Rikus 15th August, 2015

Yea, for shame, I was kind of waiting for someone to say they got it and you know to say.. thanks or something
Posted by twiterror 16th September, 2015

The codes were probably removed
Posted by Ciara Hall 3rd December, 2015

I think I saw the codes earlier, but it is definitely removed now. Well, what can we do.
James from .
Posted by twiterror 5th April, 2016

Damn it... Circy has done it again...


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